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Here are 10 out of the 16 boards I made throughout my years as an RA. I saw someone complaining to Fuck Yeah Res Life! about what one of my friend’s door decs looked like and questioned what our school had to offer in the door decs and boards we do. So I took offense to that (and really just wanted an excuse to post all my boards in one post given that Tumblr now allows for multiple photos). Out of all my boards, only the Liberate board used dye cut letters, the rest had all their titles hand cut by hand. My penmanship is atrocious, so I typed out my information, but always had the information fit the style or humor of the board. I won two Avocado Awards (awards given for boards that portray excellent visual appeal with relevant information) over my course as an RA. 

Thing is, even after graduating, I still have tons of ideas I wish I could have done, and am always willing to share my ideas with anyone who asks.

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